Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oak Island, Nova Scotia

Oak Island located off the shore of Nova Scotia:

Daniel McGinnis. The reason Oak Island exists in the first place. A teenager during the summer of 1795 Daniel went exploring on Oak Island. That's when he saw a strange depression in the ground. Upon remembering the pirate tales of the area Daniel ran home to get his friends. Upon their return Daniel, John Smith and Anthony Vaughan began to dig. They digged for days, astonishment keeping them going.

As Daniel and his friends first started digging they only got two feet before I'm sure a new wave of excitement gushed over them. A layer of flagstone blocked their path. They removed the obstacle and kept digging. Ten feet later they ran into a layer of logs and every ten feet after that until they could dig no more and had to admit defeat...for the time being. They would not give up so easily. Eight years later Daniel and his friends returned with the Onslow company. They quickly redug the hole the boys had made eight years ago making it 90 feet, finding the same oak logs at every 10 feet. Besides the boards, at 40 feet a layer of charcoal was found, at 50 feet a layer of putty, and at 60 feet a layer of coconut fiber. At 90 feet they discovered a stone inscribed with text which has since been translated to say (although somewhat controversially) that there is hidden treasure in the pit. After 90 feet the group unknowingly sprung a booby trap that filled the pit with about 60 feet of water. Nothing helped to get the water out and the digging halted for 45 years.
Since then several companies have spent millions of dollars trying to get to the bottom of what has been dubbed the Money Pit. Six people have even died in the attempt to unearth what is deep within the ground and to this day Dan Blankenship and the Michigan Group continue their exploration.

It is rumored that many things lie deep in the money pit. Some say pirate treasure, or perhaps naval treasure. Some say Marie Antoinette's Jewels, Templar treasure, perhaps the Holy Grail or some unknown exotic treasure. Others who cannot stand the inner child within them and have to ruin the fun for everybody say it's just a sink hole. Treasure or natural phenomena? It's up to you to decide. As for me, well I'm almost certain treasure lies in wait to whomever can make it to the bottom alive.

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